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Marketing Consulting Services

Our marketing consultation services are created to help you where you need help most – from marketing to website reviews and development advice. Sometimes, a short-term project or immediate need arises that is beyond the scope of your staff to fill. Or maybe you just need an extra set of eyes. This is where we can help you create solutions.

We make recommendations that streamline your work and help you avoid costly mistakes. Consider our marketing consulting services for websites, design and marketing when you need some temporary help with your projects. Our marketing consulting services include:

  • Marketing plans
  • Website planning
  • Website review and recommendations
  • Search engine optimization
  • Database and business processes recommendations
  • Hosting advice for specialized needs
What are the deliverables for consultations?
Our deliverables depend on your specific needs. If you need a plan to guide you, we will write up as detailed a plan as needed. If you need specific recommendations, we will outline those to you in writing. If you need specific coding done for your site, we can guide you or implement it ourselves. Whatever is needed, we will let you know in advance what to expect.
What if I don't know how to do what you recommend?
If you do not have the skills to do what we recommend, you may want to hire us to create specific parts of your project. Or you might want to take advantage of our training services. With very specific training, you can gain important knowledge and experience.
I don't know how much time this stuff takes, so how do I know what to purchase?
If you are not sure how much of our time needs to be allocated to certain tasks, please contact us. We can review your needs and make a recommendation or give you a firm price for specific deliverables.

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