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Identity, Branding & Logo Development

The moment people start to notice your company’s presence is the moment your identity and brand begin to build. A professional logo right from the start leads to a stronger identity and that helps to build a stronger brand. We create solid identity packages using your existing logo or a new one. Our goal is to present your company in a memorable way that is consistent and reflects your mission.

Our identity, branding and logo development services include:

  • competitive research
  • logo design, re-design, variations
  • identity packages
  • identity/usage guidelines
  • brand development

FAQs About Identity, Branding & Logo Development

How much does a logo cost?
The cost of logo and identity development depends on a lot of variables. Small, local companies or individuals can expect to pay at least $500 for the most basic logo. Competitive research, color studies, variations, custom illustration, detailed identity manuals, etc. all add to the cost. Very large companies often pay millions. The cost of your logo is in direct proportion to the work required. Even the simplest looking logo can be very costly, but done well, it is priceless.
What do you deliver when you create a logo?
Logos are delivered in a variety of sizes and digital file formats. These allow you to use them at the most common sizes – from business cards to posters. Larger files can also be created as needed for specialized applications.
What is an identity package or identity manual?
An identity package can be as small as a logo and stationery design. For large companies it can contain thousands of pages of graphics and applications defining the visual presentation of a company and its products and services. An identity manual describes, in words and pictures, how a logo or other company graphics and words should and shouldn’t be used. It often describes complementary fonts, colors and other usage guidelines for different media. It can be extremely detailed and is an important reference document to be used as a company grows in order to maintain its visual identity. The identity manual that we create for you will depend on your specific needs.

Establish a strong brand right from the start.