Website Design, Website Development

Our people have been delivering website design and website development services since 1995. With thousands of hours of experience, we create websites that are creative and functional. We use the latest tools and technologies such as HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL and many others to deliver custom websites or template sites (e.g.: WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, etc.), depending on your needs.

Our Website Design and Website Development Services

We are a full service web development company and can help you with everything from planning and design to programming and hosting. We also offer maintenance services to keep your site well-positioned in search engine results and create updates as needed.

We have created a wide variety of web sites including:

  • informational web sites
  • dynamic web sites with databases
  • eCommerce
  • membership sites
  • administrative consoles
  • content management systems
  • social networks
  • online applications
  • blogs

Our website design and development portfolio has a wide range of website samples – from large to small sites.

FAQs About Website Design, Website Development

How much does a website cost?
Starter websites generally are about $600-1500, depending on your needs. We really do need to know what your objectives are and what we will be creating for you in order to give you an accurate estimate. If your budget is very low and you want to do some of the work yourself, you may want to consider our consulting services. We can then provide expertise when and where you need it and guide you in your project. We can also create your site in phases. This way, you get a web site up and running and it can over time.
Will my site work across all browsers?
We take great care to be sure that your website will work across all modern browsers. We test in IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera as well as key mobile operating systems.
Does my website need to be 'responsive'?
If you would like to be well-positioned in Google search results, then yes, your site should be responsive. Some websites do not need to be responsive, but they are usually for very specific needs. If you don’t understand what ‘responsive’ means, just narrow your browser window right now. You will see the content on this website resize and re-flow based on the width of the browser window. That is ‘responsive’ design. If you need help deciding if your site needs this, ask us!
Do I own the website when it is completed?
Yes. Whatever we have created for you is yours to keep. This includes the files and data. You may use them for whatever you want on your website. However, you may not resell them for other purposes unless we have a specific development agreement for this. You are also subject to any copyright and usage restrictions from any third party vendors (plugins, coding, stock photos, etc.) that we may have utilized in the development of your site. We can go over all the details upon request for your particular site.
Will you host my website?
Yes. We offer website hosting at reasonable rates on cloud servers at LiquidWeb. Cloud servers are a powerful hosting platform that scale with your website and do not penalize you for what others might do on the server (unlike shared servers). If you would like to have us place your site on these servers, we are glad to do it. This special hosting offer is only for our development customers. If we have not developed your site, we will not host it except in very special circumstances.
Do I have access to my files and eMail accounts?
Yes. Once you have paid for your development costs and the first year of hosting (if applicable), we will supply you with access to all your files, database and eMail accounts. You will be able to go in and modify those if you like.
Will I have access to web mail?
EMail hosting is available for our hosting clients at a small monthly fee and it is accessible via web mail.
Do you use programming or pictures from other sources?
The web has become very mature in a short time and there are lots of code snippets, plugins, eCommerce packages and stock imagery that are free or very low cost. We implement these for you as needed in addition to specialized custom work. In some cases you may need to pay a licensing fee, but we will let you know about this up front. If we were to create every website completely from scratch, the bill could get prohibitive very quickly. We strive to give you the best value for your dollar.
What happens if I change my mind during development?
We try very hard to manage your project so that you do not incur additional fees beyond our original estimate. We start with preliminary discussions to establish direction, then move on to design. It is only once these two phases are complete that we begin programming the pages of your site. You have the opportunity to view your site all along the way. Thoughts do not cost extra, so if you have one, ask a question to clarify. Once we start coding and programming ‘changing your mind’ can be costly. If it’s an easy change, we are glad to do it.
Are there any ‘surprise’ costs?
We do not ‘surprise’ clients with extra costs. If you ask for something out of the scope of our development fee, we will tell you BEFORE we do any work so that you can decide if you want us to proceed or not. ‘Surprises’ get you annoyed (and sometimes get you in trouble with your boss) and make us uncomfortable, so we avoid them.

There are some unique circumstances when we cannot tell the cost of development. This is usually limited to unknown factors, such as when we are asked to fix something that has broken on a website and the source of the problem is unknown (someone else updated code, the hosting company updated software, etc.). If this should happen, we ask that you tell us your budget and we will work on the problem at our agreed-to hourly fee, updating you as you request us to.

Do I own my domain name?
Well, technically, no one ‘owns’ their domain names. Think of it more like a lease. You will be the Registered Owner of the domain for a certain amount of time once you have paid for it. Once your lease is up, it is your responsibility to renew it. You can either register it yourself through any domain registrar or have us register and manage it for you. Either way, it is in your name, not ours.