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White Light Concepts’ people are experienced designers, developers, writers and more. Their backgrounds allow them to pull together the resources needed in the best possible manner to deliver quality results for your marketing communications projects.

Michelle Szabo
General Manager with focus on
Visual & Marketing Communication,
User Experience, User Interface

With years of marketing communications experience, Michelle has developed numerous web, interactive, print and broadcast projects. She brings a wide range of knowledge to every project and has worked with such companies as: ADP, American Express, Consumers Union, Coty, International Creative Management, J. Walter Thompson, Nestlé, MTV, NHL, PepsiCo, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, School of Visual Arts, TWE/TWA, Union Carbide, United Nations, UPS and many others. Her extensive background includes delivering creative and technically precise end results in order to help companies and individuals communicate their products, services and talents more effectively.

When the digital age came to everyone’s desktop, Michelle was at the forefront, teaching computer graphics to adults and college students. She taught for over eight years at New York City’s School of Visual Arts (SVA), United Digital Artists at The Apple Market Center, and Dynamic Graphics Educational Foundation. Michelle has consulted on curriculum development and was a founding board member of Connecticut’s Digital Arts Training Association, which was subsequently folded into Connecticut’s Naugatuck Valley Community College program. Michelle has been a guest speaker at industry events such as MacWorld, VISCOMM, Apple’s Digital Cafe and others.

At the height of the Internet revolution, Michelle spearheaded the establishment of MicroPower Design, Ltd., a design subsidiary of MicroPower Group, Ltd. Prior to MicroPower, she served as Vice President for 3Dimentia, a 3D development and training company, where she co-developed the first Web-based training materials for form*Z, ElectricImage and Infini-D 3D applications.

Among her writing credits, Michelle has authored three books on the Web and 3D, and has written articles and columns for MacWEEK, 3D Design Magazine, PC Graphics and Video Magazine, Photo District News and WebTechniques Magazine.

Additionally, Michelle has served as the Marketing Chair of Southwest Missouri SCORE where she helped educate businesses in the areas of web development and digital marketing. She is also a board member of the Southern Missouri Arts Connection (SMAC), is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, enjoys herbalism, gardening, drawing and painting, singing, playing piano and harp, reading and researching.

Dennis Grega, PhD
Technical Development with focus on
Business Operations Technology, Database Development, Programming

Master programmer and database guru, Dennis creates data systems that are efficient and productive. He has written over 1,000,000 lines of code in his career spanning languages such as PHP, 4D, ASP, ASPX, JQuery, JavaScript, C++ and others.

Previously, Dennis was CEO of  MicroPower Group, Ltd., which included four other companies, all making their homes in the Empire State Building. Each offered a different tool set to satisfy clients’ needs, from commercial software products to custom database and application development, web and logo design, internet/intranet programming, hosting services, and IT support.

Dennis created several commercial software packages using the 4D platform including the Graphics Editorial Management (GEM), Business Operations Software System for Distribution and Manufacturing (BOSS DM), and Business Operations Software System for Aerospace and Government (BOSS AG). These applications were multi-user, multi-processing, client/server software specializing in handling business operations and financial management. They could be web-enabled as needed. MicroPower Software was one of the first companies to provide a database backbone to a web application. This was in 1995 using 4D for Lockheed Martin.

During his time at Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Dennis headed a special R&D group that conducted consumer research analyses using target marketing, geo-demographic and market segmentation software (PRIZM). He was a member of a select 10-person new business pitch group responsible for providing the informational foundation upon which creative and account strategies were developed. Working closely with top management, he introduced and adapted new computer technologies such as geographic information systems, computer graphics systems, computer languages with artificial intelligence capabilities, and new workflow systems.

Having received his PhD from New York University, Dennis spent time as a research psychologist at NYU Medical Center and as an adjunct professor of psychology teaching research design & statistical analysis at Hunter College.

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